TallyProductPageSo you have this fancy Tricaster or video switcher with all the bells and whistles, except one very important “bell".

How does your talent know which camera to look at when doing a live production in your studio?

A very common problem  is that there is no tally light system for the cameras. A tally light system is usually an afterthought for the smaller, non-network broadcast studio because there is no cost-effective or workable solution.

Tally lights are important tools in a broadcast studio. Ever been in a professional studio that did not have tally lights for all of the cameras? If the professionals think it’s important, it should be high on the list of “must haves” for all studios. So it’s a must have, but how do you do it? Most studios use portable cameras as their studio cameras and they have no true built-in tally light.

Our Standard Tally Lights

Each individual standard Tally Light unit comes ready to plug in and use. There are 7 LED lights on each unit; 6 of the LED’s face the talent and the 7th faces the camera operator to notify the operator when the camera is live. To fine tune the Tally Light unit for different shooting environments, a control knob adjusts the brightness of the 6 forward facing LED's from full brightness down to off.  The camera operator LED will always remain on, even when the other Tally Lights are turned off.

This standard Tally Light unit can be interfaced with the Tally Light Controller also available at Tally-Lights.com, or it can be directly interfaced into NewTek TriCasterTM units which have tally ports.

Each standard Tally Light comes with a 50' cable; additional increments of 50' also available.

Standard Tally Lights start at $170 / each + shipping.

T-300 Tally Lights for the TriCaster TCXD300 and Datavideo ITC-100 

The Tally Light is a direct plug in to the tally port on the Tricaster TCXD300.

Each Tally Light comes with a 50' cable; additional increments of 50' also available. 

XLR, Pigtail or BNC ends available.

Please call with your specific requirements for pricing.

Pricing starts at $190.00  / each + shipping


Our clients say . . . .

Best Investment I have made in a while." A preacher and his camera crew who do a multi-camera studio shoot got the knack of the Tally Lights during their first production attempt. " This will save us having to pay someone to stand in the studio and physically point to the current live camera. The Tally Lights are bright enough for the talent to see.

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