Accessories for your Tally-Light System



Converts 3.5 Stereo to XLR, BNC or Cat 5

This pair of Tally Light Cables converts the 3.5 stereo tips to XLR (3 pin) - BNC - Cat5 Cable outputs. 1 cable end (with 90 degree stereo end) has Male 3 pins (XLR) or BNC or Cat5 and the other cable (stright stereo end) has female 3 pins (XLR) - BNC - Cat5. The cables are 6ft long. Note:  order the cable you need, the end is NOT interchangeable.

Pricing starts at $140.00  / each + shipping

Please call with your specific requirements for pricing.


 The CamCaddie

Tally-Lights LLC is offering the Cam Caddie as an accessory to the Wireless Tally Adapter.The Cam Caddie is an extremely versatile accessory mount for a Tally light and wireless receiver. The CamCaddie System mounts to the camera using the same standard flash shoe it is designed to hold. It is built on the traditional flash shoe platform that virtually all cameras use. This allows you to attach accessories top and bottom. 

$50.00  / each + shipping

 Cold Shoe MountHotShoeMount-200

Your camera doesn't have a shoe mount but it does have a 1/4-20 tapped hole. This cold shoe mount screws into the 1/4-20 tapped hole so you can mount a tally light or any other accessory that fits in the cold shoe mount

$20.00  / each + shipping

 Velcro Swivel Tally MountVelcroMount-200

The swivel is used for Velcro mounting a Tally Light on a prompter or next to a PTZ camera.

$40.00  / each + shipping

Tally Signal Spliter
(Voltage to Closure Adapter)1 

In some instances your setup might require an additional tally signal feed to a second device.  One such device for example, is a Marshall Monitor which has tally indicators built in. In these situations, the Tally Signal Splitter (TSS) provides a dual output:  one to the tally light itself, the other to the external device.  The advanced circuitry of the Tally Signal Splitter takes care of any necessary changes to the signal. Works with all our tally controllers and adapters. Can also be used to change the tally signal from voltage to closure. Please call for more information.

Pricing starts at $140.00  / each + shipping

Please call with your specific requirements for pricing.

Photo Sensor Cable (Please call for more information)NewOptical-200

This cable allows the tally light indicator on a camera or from the Blackmagic Camera Convertor power our Standard Tally Light. It can be powered by a 9 volt battery or other power sources. (Call us to discuss what power sources are available for you system) . The Photo Sensor is attached over the camera tally light, and when the camera tally light is on, the Standard Tally light will be on.

Pricing starts at $140.00 / each + shipping




Our clients say . . . .

Best Investment I have made in a while." A preacher and his camera crew who do a multi-camera studio shoot got the knack of the Tally Lights during their first production attempt. " This will save us having to pay someone to stand in the studio and physically point to the current live camera. The Tally Lights are bright enough for the talent to see.

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