Tally-Lights, LLC new Controller Integrates with NewTek TriCaster Multi-Camera Video Production System

Troy, Michigan―September 24, 2013―Tally-Lights, LLC announced today that it has integrated with the industry-standard TriCaster family of products with USB connectivity

This new controller allows TriCaster owners to use either tally light or USB output depending on the model being used.

"Tally-lights is excited to announce this new conntectivity to the TriCaster family", says Ted Kazmierczak, founder and senior design engineer. "Having launched our products to meet the needs of TriCaster users, it is imperative that we keep pace with NewTek's development efforts. In fact, all of our product development is market/customer driven and their need to use our tally lights with virtually any switcher on the market."”

“With Tally-Lights TriCaster integration, we have created a solution that will work with the complete NewTek TriCaster line. It’s an innovative system that can be wireless or wired and it triggers our standard tally light that mounts on the camera hot-shoe with seven LED lights, six facing the talent and one facing the camera operator,” says Kazmierczak.

Tally-Lights new TriCaster Controller can manage up to 8 tally lights connected to a TriCaster. This makes it possible for on-camera talent to know which camera to look at when doing a live production. It also gives the camera operator a more visible cue when cameras are live. The new USB TriCaster controller also provides PREVIEW as well as PROGRAM display to alert the camera operator that he is potentially next up.

“This is a great addition to the NewTek Developer Network. NewTek customers can now benefit from the Tally-Lights controller with the entire TriCaster family,” said Michael Kornet, EVP of Business Development at NewTek. “Tally-Lights provide a well thought out product that helps our customers simplify the complexity of producing a show.”

Tally-Lights TriCaster USB Controller is available now. For more information, visit http://tally-lights.com/products/controllers

About Tally-Lights, LLC

A privately held company, Tally-Lights, LLC began as a simple solution to find a way to get the tally lights on production television cameras working for a local television station.

Since inception, Tally-Lights, LLC has developed both wired and wireless solutions for most NewTek TriCaster products and major other video switchers. Connectivity can be through tally light or USB ports, depending on the switcher model.

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