AboutUsTally-Lights, LLC began as a simple solution to find a way to get the Tally Lights on production televsion cameras working for a local television station. When the station was using its cameras, the lights on top of the camera, which show the current live camera, simply would not work. The manufacturer was not able to offer a cost effective solution for this problem. Ted Kazmierczak (President and Senior Design Engineer of Tally-lights, LLC) stepped in to build a solution that was simple, reliable, and cost effective for the TV station. Where the manufacturer was challenged, Ted was able to succeed!

This electronics success turned Kazmierczak to thinking about other challenges that could be solved with simple electronic solutions.

After these electronic successes, Ted believed it was time to begin taking his circuit design skills from a hobby to a business helping other studios solve their tally light challenges. Why not This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see how Ted can help your organization!

Our clients say . . . .

Best Investment I have made in a while." A preacher and his camera crew who do a multi-camera studio shoot got the knack of the Tally Lights during their first production attempt. " This will save us having to pay someone to stand in the studio and physically point to the current live camera. The Tally Lights are bright enough for the talent to see.

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